The Lanes Cove Poster – 2011 – by Les Bartlett

Lanes Cove
Lanes Cove featuring the Fish Shack

I began gathering images to create this poster in August of 2011. Here are a few notes, beginning at the very bottom. (NOTE: I will do individual postings on each image larger to show details)…This color image is a panorama I took in December 2010, in which the left side of the Cove Breakwater collapsed before the pounding nor-easter. The broken stone, the high wind and waves all made Hog Island appear as if it was just a ‘stone throw,’ away. I was fortunate to recover negatives at a yard sale in NH (of all places!) which included a grouping focused on Lanes Cove. The very top image is Lanes Cove in 1933, the second row of images are older views. Row 3 are two images from 1933 showing the derrick arrangement and the driving out of trucks with granite. The granite then being hoisted onto the Frederick Starr. Row 4, left-hand side is from 1935 after a three day nor-easter which did a lot of damage. In the foreground the Frederick Starr is sunk (loaded with granite) The north wall show the Frame Lighter sunk as well!

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