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Joining ‘Cape Ann Light’

“We are attendants to the light” – Les Bartlett


Married and living in Lanesville, with an ocean kayak, putting in at Lanes Cove…often.

And then there was a single moment at twilight, headed out into Ipswich Bay when this occurred: water level.

cape ann light



1.24.11 January Sea Smoke

Lanes Cove
Lanes Cove Breakwater with Seasmoke (leftside of broken area)

Lanes Cove Breakwater
Lanes Cove Breakwater with Seasmoke (righttside of broken area)

I’m taking a brief break from the ‘Yearning and Longing,’ series to interject this 2 panel of Lanes Cove Breakwater with the current sea smoke.
Although the sea smoke is no match for what we experienced in 2004, it is still a strong background comment upon the broken up breakwater.
And the -6° with wind chill was enough to take my fully charged camera battery down in about 10 minutes. [click on the 2 panels to get a larger view.]