When the good time coming reaches Rockport…

“When the good time coming reaches Rockport, we shall all know it.”
Cape Ann Advertiser, October 21, 1877

And so I post a photo in ¬†“Rockport Stuff,” I remember, someone remembers. Then someone else remembers. Someone else posts a picture which they have remembered.

A meander of memories….

And the thread moves on. In 2040, I will be 91 years old (all spirits willing), many of you reading what I am typing will (most likely) be dead. Along with the posts and memories, your wonderful memories, of living your lives in Rockport. So here is a question, would you like to hear my thoughts and wishes toward a true “Rockport Timeline?” A timeline
in which you play a role, beyond the breadcrumb of Facebook. Comments invited.rockport200