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Sun Dried Tears from Nature’s Face – Susannah Torrey

From April 1848 through the fall of 1848, Susannah Torrey was busily employed in the activity of collecting, arranging and drying sea mosses and grasses. Here is a single facing page example of her artistry.

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1.29.11 The Backside Tidal Pool on Thacher Island

Thacher Island
The Tidal Pool at Thacher Island

“In the tide pools — many of them, particularly about Thatcher’s Island, curious natural aquariums —the botanist can study and admire a great many species of algae. After one of the many north-east storms, so frequent on this coast during the spring and autumn, he will be well repaid for clambering over rocks and wading through pools along the shore searching for them.”
Dr. Henry Leonard
Pigeon Cove and Vicinity, pub. 1873

This pool is found on the far southwest corner of the island. Located beyond where the seagulls hang out it is available during low and mid-tides.