1.31.11 And the shorebirds hunker down like stones before the winter storm

Immediate Light
Parrot and Pelican and Puffin Lie Down Together

In the scurrying before the next batch of winter storms, I came across these rare birds, sitting quietly like rare stone.


1.30.11 Arrive, To See

I favor short Artist Statements. One sentence or two at the most. Lengthy descriptions of process and purpose feel like I have been handed a wet paper towel and asked to wipe fog off a glass window.

Arrive, To See.

1.29.11 The Backside Tidal Pool on Thacher Island

Thacher Island
The Tidal Pool at Thacher Island

“In the tide pools — many of them, particularly about Thatcher’s Island, curious natural aquariums —the botanist can study and admire a great many species of algae. After one of the many north-east storms, so frequent on this coast during the spring and autumn, he will be well repaid for clambering over rocks and wading through pools along the shore searching for them.”
Dr. Henry Leonard
Pigeon Cove and Vicinity, pub. 1873

This pool is found on the far southwest corner of the island. Located beyond where the seagulls hang out it is available during low and mid-tides.

1.27.11 Give Me Your Hands -The Barre Sculptors and Their Stone

Give Me Your Hands
Give Me Your Hands - Frank Gaylord

“Sinks whoever raises the great stones:
I’ve raised these stones as long as I was able…”
George Seferiades, Gymnopaidia Mycenae

The image is that of Frank Gaylord, Dean of American Stone Sculptors.
In the spring of 2008, I made my first visit to Barre,VT. to meet the curator, Patty Merriam, of the Vermont Granite Museum.
In my car I had a selection of the Cape Ann ‘Chapters on a Quarry Wall,’ installation which had shown at the Cape Ann Museum.
In the few hours of learning about Barre Granite, Hope Cemetary, and the abandoned quarries, I was especiallly captivated by the story of the existing master stone sculptors of Barre. And the photographic homage – Give Me Your Hands – was born.
The following link will take you to the start of the website, and also allow you to view the pages of the new book.


1.26.11 Yearning and Longing (Part 3 of 4)

Flat Ledge Quarry
Yearning and Longing (Part 3 of 4)

Yesterday I began to quote from Tennyson’s poem ‘Merlin and the Gleam.’
Several years after selecting a website named, “Follow the Gleam,’ I came across this poem, and the verses follow the quarry wall profile. Actually the words convey how the wall sits, awaiting on my response. Not for me to express myself through photography, but rather the wall expressing itself through me.
-Leslie Bartlett –