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2.19.11 The Linking Rings of Marco the Magi

Backstage and Balcony
The Linking Rings of Marco the Magi

The Linking Rings – in so many other hands – a mere throwaway, a Saturday morning birthday party distraction. Elevated by Marco the Magi to a height of elegance and energy never before encountered.


2.14.11 Flags Unfurled at each Le Grand David Performance Finale

Le Grand David
Marco the Magi Unfurls Two Surprise Flags

After two plus hours of stage magic spectacle, just when you think you’d seen it all, Marco, moving forward out onto the stage ramp, almost in the audience himself, and suddenly two flags shoot out. Butterfly wings indeed!

[Photography note: This image concludes the sequence “Backstage & Balcony: The Performance Photography of Leslie D. Bartlett.” I would walk out, in costume, directly behind Marco and photograph this moment. No one every even knew I was there in plain sight.]

2.13.11 Le Grand David Magic Company at 34 years

Le Grand David
The original fire curtain at the Cabot Street Cinema Theatre, Beverly, Ma.

On February 20th, 2011 Marco the Magi’s Production of Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company will celebrate 34 years of performing on stage at the Cabot Street Cinema Theatre, Beverly, MA. As a member of the Company for so many years, I am indebted to so many aspects of the experience which provide me with an understanding of the foundations for my photographic efforts. And so in the week leading up to this historic performance, I will be reflecting back, especially upon the exhibition “Backstage and Balcony,” which was featured at the Cape Ann Museum in 2005.