4.24.11 Easter morning

Below the Keystone Bridge
Easter 2011

from the darkness, light


4.15.11 The Far Infinite

Below the Keystone Bridge
The Far Infinite

The companion to the Near Infinite


4.14.11 The Near Infinite

Immediate Light
The Near Infinite

This blossoming became a spring time ritual in the quarry. Five years ago it ceased blossoming. I love the mirroring of the quarry in the line of the flowers.


4.13.11 For Fire, Break the Glass

Rockport As It Is
For Fire, Break the Glass

I was at a new installation of my work at a North Shore Corporation yesterday morning, and the husband of the previous artist was assisting in taking her art down. When he saw several pieces of my work, his first 2 questions were the inevitable: is this Photoshop? What kind of camera do you use?

No matter the Google Search, or web page, little prepares us for the act of seeing. Just seeing, without interpretation. I quietly asked the man what he was seeing, “Just amazing image,” and we both went back to work at hand.

For Fire, Break the Glass…

“We know it when we see it.”



4.11.11 Caterpillared Pussy Willows

Below the Keystone Bridge
Caterpilared Pussy Willows

Like Spring, I’m returning back to the photo posts and brief text notes here!

I’ve been very focused on the ‘Via Crucis -A Photographer Before the Cross,’ project. And I will resume posting at eyeofthesoul.wordpress later today. To Spring!!!