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Scenic vistas featuring ‘Cape Ann Light’

A Heap of Resilience


(On display as part of SQ&LB Artist Collaboration: The Resilient Landscapes of Marblehead and Cape Ann -Viewed Through the Prisms of Ecology and Story Telling)

As Susan and I discussed ways to present the relatively new binding of ‘Resilient’ to ‘Landscape,’ I came across a reference to Robert Smithson’s “A Heap of Language.

We wordsmithed ‘A Heap of Resilience,’ toward the end of our research and preparation of art pieces.
Design and layout by LB
Backdrop from an original silk painting by SQ.

May 7, 20178



Dissing Plum Cove Beach…NOT

With my nose buried in quarry granite, and my eyes tracking a succession of broken fronts crossing Ipswich Bay across Haul-about-point, I had little time for Plum Cove Beach.

I kept driving by saying, “Just a half moon shell of a cove, not much sand….

Then there was this sunset, with the Life Guard  platform and a mother and child sitting there, and everything changed.

For the first time, I saw Plum Cove Hollow..

Here is that image from circa 2002.