Joining ‘Cape Ann Light’

“We are attendants to the light” – Les Bartlett


Married and living in Lanesville, with an ocean kayak, putting in at Lanes Cove…often.

And then there was a single moment at twilight, headed out into Ipswich Bay when this occurred: water level.

cape ann light



Dissing Plum Cove Beach…NOT

With my nose buried in quarry granite, and my eyes tracking a succession of broken fronts crossing Ipswich Bay across Haul-about-point, I had little time for Plum Cove Beach.

I kept driving by saying, “Just a half moon shell of a cove, not much sand….

Then there was this sunset, with the Life Guard  platform and a mother and child sitting there, and everything changed.

For the first time, I saw Plum Cove Hollow..

Here is that image from circa 2002.