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Joining ‘Cape Ann Light’

“We are attendants to the light” – Les Bartlett


Married and living in Lanesville, with an ocean kayak, putting in at Lanes Cove…often.

And then there was a single moment at twilight, headed out into Ipswich Bay when this occurred: water level.

cape ann light



Dissing Plum Cove Beach…NOT

With my nose buried in quarry granite, and my eyes tracking a succession of broken fronts crossing Ipswich Bay across Haul-about-point, I had little time for Plum Cove Beach.

I kept driving by saying, “Just a half moon shell of a cove, not much sand….

Then there was this sunset, with the Life Guard  platform and a mother and child sitting there, and everything changed.

For the first time, I saw Plum Cove Hollow..

Here is that image from circa 2002.


07.05.11 Embered Dawn

Immediate Light
Embered Dawn

The Rockport Bonfire at Dawn on July 5th


3.11.11 Walk the Wild Dunes of Wingaersheek

Cape Ann Trail
Walking the Wilded Dunes of Wingaersheek

I especially enjoy Wingaersheek in the off season time…


2.5.11 A Lazy Summer Day at Halibut Point

Halibut Point State Park
Lazy Summer Day Overlooking Babson Quarry

Today is a good day to remind ourselves of warmer times to follow.

These are the rocks of summer from which to watch the sunset back over Essex and inland


2.2.11 There sits a pool atop the granite dome…

Cape Ann Trail
The water pool atop Mt. Hope

One of my favorite vistas on Cape Ann remains the granite dome called ‘Mt. Hope.’ And atop it , nested in the middle of the glacial moraines, there is this tiny quiet pool which streams down alongside 128 and back to join the Atlantic.