1.13.11 Angelus en Blizzarde

I trekked out to Babson Quarry at Halibut Point yesterday, around 2 pm. And the winds at the quarry edge convinced me to turn back; the constant 40 mph with swirling gusts were to be respected. The clinging snow had been dispersed, and so I turned to Flat Ledge. The broken birch rests like a paintbrush against the granite canvas.

Below the Keystone Bridge
White on White Birch on White


One thought on “1.13.11 Angelus en Blizzarde”

  1. This shot is amazing. It looks like a waterfall frozen in mid fall. Mike Foley just introduced me to your blog, and I am so glad he did. I also love the quarries and unique personalities of the rocks and boulders that abound here.

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