Flat Ledge Quarry
The Demise of the Quarry Stone Sled

This is the same stone sled which I posted two days ago:

The Last Stone Sled Swimming Along in the Quarry

When the Rockport Granite Company closed its doors to operation in 1930, over 400 people lost their jobs, their homes and a way of living. All in a single swoop. In a single day. And the equipment, the tools, the records, were to all practical ends, flung out into the waters. So much of what we know of the quarries is due to the pioneering efforts of Barbara Erkkila and her book “Hammers on Stone.”
The casual scattering of stone sleds at the base of Flat Ledge bear witness to this moment of deadly silence on Cape Ann – when the quarries closed and the only sound was that of rising waters in the quarries.

Flat LEdge Quarry
The Unspoken Wheel


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