Chapters on a Quarry Wall

Natural Stone Photography Leslie Bartlett
Holy Week No.1

“Chapters on a Quarry Wall (CQW),’ became the title and focus of my photographic work centered on the abandoned quarries of Cape Ann. CQW followed me to New York and the ‘Works on Paper Show in 2002-2003. And as I began to spend more time with the quarry walls and stone, an alphabet of forms emerged. Not a form of speech – a form of touch, smell, vowels locked in a chant of deep space, deep time. Time at a non-human scale. Cezanne in speaking of the Bibemus Quarries remarked, “I cannot attain the intensity which unfolds before my senses.” As time has passed and the images have grown into a body of work, the question of seeing, of holding what is sensed, from within. The image above ‘Holy Week No.1,’ is the very first vertical hand held panorama, I returned with from the quarry. It stands as a figurative representation, ambiguous verticals which are drill marks, but verticals which quickly become a tree of life.


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